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Why do you need data warehouse and business intelligence?

Report consolidation is usually the most common reason for implementing a business intelligence solution. Usually, a reporting system has “thousands” of reports which use many data sources. Business analysts use these reportsRead More...
By : gmilanov | Mar 4, 2017

Information has business value

Data are raw, unorganized facts, something that is simple and seems random and useless. When data are organized, well-structured this gives them meaning and then we can say that we have information.Read More...
By : gmilanov | Mar 2, 2017

Differences Between a Data Warehouse and Transaction Database

The primary difference between a transactional database and a data warehouse database is that while the former is designed (and optimized) to record, the latter has to be designed (and optimized) toRead More...
By : gmilanov | Mar 1, 2017